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PHOENIX tells the story of six different characters who meet on a rooftop to commit suicide. These characters all stand for different nationalities and therefore for different social backgrounds. Their meeting leads to unpleasant situations on the roof. It becomes increasingly unclear whether they will actually commit suicide or not.


It is extremely important to tell this story in such a hard time. Our society needs to be rebuilt. Not through a revolution but through understanding of the different characters.


A Film by Fabio Stecher
Produced by Cine Royal Productions GmbH

Foscky Pueta
Offir Limacher
Boris Vuksa
Julian Kobler
Son Do
Raquel Forster

Screenplay - Fabio Stecher
Dramaturgy & Dialogue Design - Caroline Wloka

Director - Fabio Stecher
DoP - Kim Howland
Editor - Arezoo Rajabi

Producer - Caroline Wloka
Sound Operator - Thomas Lanker
Casting - Fabio Stecher
Production Manager - Fabio Stecher
Set Manager - Ben Zäch
Production Assistant - Annina Gujan
1st. AD - Ben Zäch
1st. AC - Marin Suter
2nd AC - Anna Liesch
Drone Operator - Marin Suter
Gaffer - Bradley Graham
Grip - Jakob Wessely
Head Make-Up - Daria Meienhofer
Make-Up - Carol Geiger
SFX - Daria Meienhofer / Carol Geiger
DIT - Silvan Marty
Making of Camera - Silvan Marty
Colorist - Roger Sommer
VFX - Manozz Shrestha
Motion Design - Sebastian Klinger
Sounddesign & Foley - Dominik Di Rosa
Soundmastering - Dominik Di Rosa
Poster Photography - Ben Zäch
Poster Grafic - Feiyane Ruegg

Andrea Chavez
Susy Leuzinger
Alessandra Palazzesi
Mauro Palazzesi
Lisa Palazzesi
Stefan Tüscher
Roman Lehmann
Flurin Lansel
Dino Schmidt
Fabio Stecher
Riccardo Stecher
Monika Stecher
Studio 1

Rhenus Logistics AG
Visuals Zürich
Mitch Bekk
Raymond Anderegg
Marin Suter
Wanja Andri Ganz