Fabio Stecher



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Rara can't let go of her past. She goes looking for her husband who has been hiding in an old industrial building for a long time.


Everyone has a past, many have a past that harbors unpleasant memories. A person only makes progress if they let the past rest and do not repress it. "Gestirn" is meant to trigger the audience’s depressive feeling of their own past and relieve it towards the end. My vision is to help those who need to let go of their own past.


Director: Fabio Stecher
Script: Lucas Ackermann

Produced by: Cine Royal Productions & Orisono Productions
Producer: Alexander Stratigenas & Timothy Ross
Director of Photography: Ben Zäch

Editing: Olif Twist
Colorist: Roger Sommer
Composer: Silvio Buchmeier
Sound & Sounddesign: Alexander Stratigenas
Production Design: Rebekka Bohni
1AC/Focus Puller: Omid Taslimi
Gaffer: Yoro Tobler
Electrician: Nicola Oiler
VFX: Sebastian Klinger
 Head Make-up: Carol Geiger
Styling: Anita Budliger
Catering: Sandra Bauer

Main Cast: Paulina De Matteis, Samuel Tobias Klauser